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Parkview At Hillcrest Hollywood Broward Florida


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Parkview At Hillcrest Hollywood Florida

Welcome to Parkview at Hillcrest

Parkview at Hillcrest is our newest, most exciting venture but don’t forget that we have a gorgeous condo community with great values. No, Hillcrest is NOT a strictly over-55 community although it once was. Thirteen of our 24 buildings are over-55 and the other eleven welcome All-Ages. There are nine pools accessible to Hillcrest condo residents that are heated in the winter time. Ten Hillcrest buildings are 3-story with catwalks; five are 5-story with catwalks.

These are called the Low/Mid Rises and there are four pools, three recreation rooms – one with a fitness center – BBQ areas and a small park called Egret Park. Of the fifteen low/mid-rise buildings, six are All Age and nine are over-55. Hillcrest also has nine high rise buildings, ranging from 6 to 12 stories. There is one pool per two buildings, except for the largest high rise which has its own pool. Five high rise buildings are All-Age and four are over-55. Each is individually managed and has different rules regarding parking, pets and rentals.

Two buildings allow small dogs and five allow cats. Two allow renting right away while two more allow renting after one year of ownership and two others allow renting after two years of ownership. Hillcrest is a residential community so tenants as well as buyers go through a rigorous screening process and corporate ownership is not permitted in most buildings.

Parkview at Hillcrest Community Hollywood Florida

Championship Academy of Distinction is located in Hillcrest; a Charter School with grades kindergarten through eight. Orange Brook Elementary, grades kindergarten through 5th grade is just across the street. As part of the Parkview at Hillcrest development, there will be two clubhouses built; one for all Hillcresters and one for the new homeowners that includes a pool for the townhomes and the single family homeowners who opt not to have a pool. The general clubhouse will have an outdoor kitchen/BBQ area, and this will be accessible to ALL Hillcresters. The new development will provide for park areas, lakes, walking trails and gazebos behind EVERY building so the views will not only be spectacular and usable. Whew! Sounds complicated but we will give you a recap of each buildings rules/regs so you can see which one best suits your needs. And each has their own personality.

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